Pine, White


Pinus strobus

White pine is a large, fast growing tree, which is usually tall and straight, with 3″-5″ long needles, and gray bark. Trees lose their lower limbs as they grow. They grow best on loamy well drained soils, but tolerate a wide range of soils. White pine tolerates full sun to partial shade. White pine blister rust and weevil are health issues, but can be managed with good pruning.

White pine is moderately important in the timber industry, and commonly planted for wood products, landscaping, Christmas trees, and wildlife habitat. Old white pine are important sites for bald eagle nests. 


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  • Size: 4"-10"
  • # per Bundle: 20
  • Soil Type: sandy, loamy, silty, clay
  • Sun: Full sun to Partial shade
  • Moisture: moist to dry
  • Height: 80'-95'
  • Growth Rate: Fast
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