Bait Program

Live Bait Education Efforts

The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Program is focusing on proper bait transport and disposal. Several initiatives were started in 2021 with the help of the DNR, local bait retailers, White Iron Chain of Lakes Association, and neighboring AIS Prevention programs. Releasing live bait threatens our environment. Minnows and bait water can harbor fish diseases and aquatic invasive species. Do your part to protect Minnesota lakes and rivers!

The District attended 7 outreach events, with booth displays, thought 2021 with information on AIS prevention, and live bait use, transport, and disposal. Over 400 people were reached through these events.

Bait Bag Distribution

Bait Bags with an informative graphic were distributed to participating bait retailers in Orr, Cook, Virginia and Tower. These bait bags instruct anglers on how to properly transport and dispose of live bait. 5,000 total bags were distributed to anglers.

Toss It: Drain water from bait container on shore, away from water. Dispose of minnows in the compost or trash

Keep it: Drain water from bait container on shore, away from water. Refill container with bottled or tap water.

It’s the Law!





Bait Bin Placement

With the help of White Iron Chain of Lakes Association and Lake Co. SWCD several bait disposal bins were installed at public lake accesses. These bins provided access of a proper disposal location for unwanted live bait. Each bin was outfitted with informational signage. Data was gathered throughout this pilot project. Although the bins accumulated some unwanted trash, they were deemed successful disposal sites and will again be deployed in 2022.

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