Tamarack (Larch)


Larix laricina

Tamarack is unique in that it’s needles turn gold and drop in the fall. It is commonly found on wet swampy sites, but can be planted on moist upland soils. Growth depends on site quality. It can tolerate very poor, wet sites, but will be small and stunted. On better sites it grows quickly and can reach up to 80 feet.

Tamarack is planted for landscaping and wildlife habitat. It is a good seed producer, and many wildlife eat the seeds.

This year’s order stock comes in the form of plugs.


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  • Size: 10" - 24"
  • # per Bundle: 25
  • Soil Type: loamy, clay, peat
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Moisture: Wet to Moderate
  • Height: 30'-80'
  • Growth Rate: moderate - fast
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