Pine, Red (Norway) – Transplants


Pinus Resinosa

Red pine is the Minnesota state tree. They are relatively fast growing and large, with 4″-6″ long needles and red-brown bark. Generally, they are tall, straight trees, and lose their lower limbs as they grow. They grow best on well drained soils with full sun. They are sensitive to salt and can have disease issues if planted under mature red pine. 

Red pine is important in the timber industry, and commonly planted for wood products, landscaping, Christmas trees, and wildlife habitat. 

Transplants are grown from seed in nursery beds, and then moved to larger growing spaces before being sold. They tend to have thicker roots and stems, and are hardier than seedling trees.


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  • Size: 5"-12"
  • # per Bundle: 25
  • Soil Type: S to SC
  • Sun: Full to Partial
  • Moisture: Dry
  • Height: 70-80
  • Growth Rate: Fast
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