Maple, Sugar


Acer scaccharum

Sugar Maple is a medium size tree. Leaves turn yellow in the fall. Sugar maple is very share tolerant, but will grow more quickly in the sun. It does best on sites with rich, moist soils. Like most maple species in Minnesota, it is vulnerable to cold weather damage, especially if planted in open spaces, but is very hardy to damage and can be long lived. Trees have a wide spread when given ample growing space, but are more narrow in dense woods.

Sugar maple is planted for landscaping, maple syrup production, and wildlife habitat.


  • Size: 18" - 24"
  • # per Bundle: 25
  • Soil Type: sandy loam, loam
  • Sun: shade - part sun
  • Moisture: moist
  • Height: 50-80
  • Growth Rate: Moderate - Slow
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