Board of Supervisors

SWCD Board Supervisors play an important role in determining how soil and water resources are managed within the county.  They work cooperatively with local, state, and federal partners to establish soil and water conservation policy. SWCD’s serve as a focal point for identifying and addressing natural resource issues. They are elected or appointed to serve 4 year terms.

Supervisor Election Filing

FILE BEFORE JUNE 5, 2018 TO RUN FOR SWCD SUPERVISOR Individuals concerned about water quality and soil erosion in the northern portion of St. Louis County should consider filing by June 5 to run for the position of Supervisor of the North St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). Supervisors play an important role in how our community deals with a wide variety of resource management issues, including wetlands, water quality, soil erosion, and aquatic invasive species. Serving as a supervisor is a terrific opportunity for people who want a voice in how we manage our environment.

SWCDs are special purpose units of government that manage and direct conservation programs, such as the state Cost-Share Program, private forest management and lake/stream water quality monitoring. An elected board of Supervisors governs each of Minnesota’s 88 SWCDs. This year, the SWCD has two Supervisor positions up for election.

SWCD candidates appear on the ballot for the general election which will take place November 6, 2018. Candidates are elected to serve the whole District, but must reside in one of the nomination districts up for election. These include District 1: French Township north to Canada and east to Alango, Leiding and Portage townships; District 3 includes the area around Hibbing, Chisholm and Balkan township.  See the service area map for exact boundaries.

SWCD Supervisors serve four year terms. Supervisors meet monthly in Virginia to discuss the business of the SWCD, including state grant allocations to landowners, district conservation priorities, coordination with other local units of government and state agencies, and legislative priorities. Supervisors do not receive a salary, although they do receive compensation for attending meetings and are reimbursed for expenses. Those interested in running for Supervisor should file at the County Auditor’s office in Duluth or by mail from May 22 through June 5, 2018. Additional information about filing for office is available here.

Modich Appointed to SWCD Board

Frank Modich is a scientist, farmer, attorney and overall outdoor enthusiast who understands the importance of not only utilizing but also preserving, protecting and conserving our natural resources for future generations. He currently works as an attorney for Essentia Health.

The North St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors recently appointed Modich to its board. Modich represents the areas of Hibbing, Chisholm, Balkan Township and unorganized townships 59-21 and 55-21.

Modich states “As a local farmer and attorney, I recognize and understand the issues faced when navigating sensitive land and resource issues. As a scientist, I understand the importance in relying on reliable and tested scientific methodology before making a determination that can have significant consequences for both land and landowner. And I believe strongly in relaying this information to affected individuals in a manner that they can understand.”

  • Peggy Pearson

    District 1, Chair


    Peggy Pearson
  • Gary Rantala

    District 2, Vice-Chair


    Gary Rantala
  • Frank Modich

    District 3, Supervisor


    Frank Modich
  • Charles Bainter

    District 4, Treasurer


    Charles Bainter
  • Mark Peterson

    District 5, Secretary


    Mark Peterson
North St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District Northland Office Building

307 1st St S, Suite 114
Virginia, MN 55792

Upcoming Board Meetings

Wednesday, August 8th at 10:30 a.m. Suite 118
The public is encouraged to attend.

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