Forestry Services

Annual Tree Sale
Every fall we begin taking orders
for our annual conservation tree sale (beginning in late November).  With our sale, we provide our district's landowners an opportunity to purchase conservation trees inexpensively (10, 3 foot bare-root deciduous shrubs and trees for $35.00 plus sales tax. Conifers are 25 in a bundle, 18-24" for $35.00 plus sales tax).  Each year, we choose a few new varieties of shrubs, deciduous trees and evergreens to make available for purchase.  By providing low-cost trees to our landowners, we hope to help them reduce erosion on their property, protect water quality, increase energy conservation through strategically planned placement of trees next to their home, improve wildlife habitat and in general, increase the aesthetics of their property.

Tree Order Form - click here for the 2014 SWCD Tree Order form

Soil Survey WebsiteClick here for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) soil survey site.

Tree Care Tips for your Planting Project click here

Click here for animal repellent information.  Order directly from the website or purchase the 1 litre spray bottle from the SWCD.  One spray bottle will protect 100 - 1 foot plants.

Woodland Stewardship
Become a woodland steward by actively managing your land for personal benefits, while protecting the quality of its natural resources for future generations.  If you own 40 acres or more of wooded land, contact our office for information about a woodland stewardship plan written for your property with your interests in mind by a certified forest plan writer. 

Only have 20 acres, but want to know more about best managing your forest?  Please stop by our office or request a copy of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' "Beyond the Suburbs" landowner's guide to conservation management.

Tax Relief Options for Forest Landowners Click Here for the My Minnesota Woods connection for information regarding the Green Acres Program or Sustainable Forest Incentives Act (SFIA).  Click here for a fact sheet regarding the Sustainable Forestry Incentives Act.

Tree Care
Please click here for the DNR's tree care guidelines.

Tree ID Cards for review click here